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Team Zoom Sessions
This is a period of uncertainty, the unknown and for some, financial worries or feeling isolated if they live alone. These concerns can often create hobgoblins in our mind, and we start to be overtaken with illogical thoughts and feelings which impacts how we think, feel and behave. More than ever, now is a time to hit the ‘pause’ button and reflect, connect and tap into resources that empower individuals during these times.
I am delighted to offer a 90 minute programme that allows employees to come together on Zoom. To share some key challenges, discuss concerns and anxieties and be able to connect and recognise what is in their control and what is out of it. Partnering for a power coaching session with a ‘buddy’, in order to explore positive outcomes. They will leave with a strategy that enables them to support themselves and their colleagues in the coming weeks or months ahead. Using mindfulness to overcome unhelpful thought patterns.
The overall aim of this time together, is to reconnect as a team, acknowledge what is current for them as an individual, share current concerns and more importantly, share insights and ideas on how to move forward with a plan that they can implement.
Cost - £275+VAT per 90 min session – up to 15 participants
60 min Zoom 1:1 Coaching and Mindfulness Session
Acknowledging these times of uncertainty and how we are adapting to the challenges around us. As a Transformational Coach, NLP trainer and Pranic Healer, I am offering specific sessions to individuals who are looking for some resources to support them whilst we adjust to these unsettling times.
This 1:1 session will enable an individual to rebalance their energy, learn tools to manage negative feelings and thought patters, and move them into a resourceful state, with a structure to draw on as we manage the unknown.
These sessions are for anyone who is managing negative emotions, including overwhelm, anxiety, stress, fear and aloneness. They will leave the sessions feeling resourceful, lighter and more energised, have a sense of control over their life, not the other way around. I have structured the pricing so that they can be accessible to all employees who will benefit.
Cost £60+VAT per session, per person

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